About Us

The company was created in 2019 in Winnipeg - Manitoba, a small province in Canada.
Based on gratitude, the name Ori.Gatou comes from the combination of two Japanese words: ORIgami (paper folding art) and ariGATOU (thank you in Japanese).

We are tech enthusiasts. Working with love is at our essence and we are very proud to have people who love what they do offering the best of Ori.Gatou to our customers.

Your success is our success!

Who we are

Our job is to connect individuals and companies to the current digital world through technology, exploring smart solutions that fit perfectly for you.

And when it comes to technology, we offer a variety of products with NFC technology presenting a new, more fun and simple way to access digital information quickly & easily with a simple tap from your phone.

With a focus on climate change and encouraging social distancing, our products creatively direct and encourages the use of digital information with a simple tap of your phone, thanks to our system developed by our IT team.

Our Purpose

Your success is our success! Helping the world around us with new technologies, delivering automated and innovative products & services to everyone.
Collaborating with a better world acting directly with a lot of creativity, encouraging the use of digital information with a simple tap of your phone through NFC technology.

What we do

We offer automation services for companies. We develop and manage IT projects with a variety of programming languages, create websites with responsive layouts.

Our products with NFC technology are aimed at both individuals and companies with the same objective: to innovate with quick & easy access to digital information; reducing the use of paper to help circumvent climate change; along with encouraging social distancing, removing the human contact involved with printed marketing.

Our Values

Customers' Success
Passionate Work
Creativity and Innovation
Fighting Climate Change