No Clicks, No apps...
Just Tap!

Access to the digital world with a simple tap of your phone.

Meet Ori.Gatou

How it works

Explore the NFC technology with the Tap and Finder Platform


Respect You!!

Build a respectful relationship between business and clients by giving them the control to access the digital content when, and where they want in a faster way with a simple tap of your phone.

Positive branding.

Exclusive channel, no distractions.

When consumers tap, marketers have their full attention.

Digital content faster and easier, no need to download an app.

Consumers gain back control over when marketing is accessed.


No need for an app... Just tap

Choose when and what ads you want to see!

The customer receives the "Tap and Finder" tag from your business.

With a simple tap from their phone, the customer sees your ads, videos, or other infinite information, whenever they want.

Just one tag, digital information from your business accessed quickly & easily.

Be part of a new way to do marketing.

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